Lectures & Educational Events

lectureIn addition to our shadowing program, YMPO invites physicians and medical professionals to Yale to speak about topics important for anyone thinking about medicine. Lectures illuminate the personal aspects of medicine from the unique perspective of an engaging speaker.

The lecture series, which will consist of approximately three lectures, will differ each term. We encourage all that are interested to attend!

We also hold various other educational events throughout the year, such as suturing clinics and documentary screenings.

Examples of Past Lectures:

Health-Related Volunteer Organizations, Remedy, CT Hospice, Haven Free Clinic, HPREP, URAP, Kaplan suture clinic.

Medical Specialties, YNHH physicians from Diagnostic Radiology, Emergency Medicine, and Anesthesiology/Neurology come in to talk about their experiences and careers. Physician discusses a PhD program for MDs and talks about his research. A discussion with a physician on chronic health issues. Clinical Research Careers in Complementary and Integrative Medicine. A discussion of medicine and social justice with a former NY state director of Doctors for America. An MD/PhD panel of current Yale students. A talk with the New England Patriots Medical Director on Orthopedic Medicine.

How to Stand Out in Medical School Admissions: Learn what Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and other top medical schools look for in applicants by attending a presentation with a former admissions committee member from Yale Medical School! Dr. Adam Kundishora, former admissions committee member at Yale Medical School and current Resident at Yale New Haven Hospital, will cover medical school criteria and what admissions committees consider when comparing applications. Other topics, such as factors of importance beyond your MCAT score and GPA and how to stand out against highly competitive candidates will be discussed!  


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