Executive Board

irene's bio

Co-President: Irene Pak
Irene is a junior from southern California in Benjamin Franklin College. She is an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major – and she can spend hours talking about how much she loves her E&EB research and classes! Outside of YMPO, she leads Yale Volunteers Around the World, helps organize and participates in healthcare hackathons, and volunteers at the Connecticut Hospice. In her spare time, she loves watching movies, stargazing, playing the piano, riding her scooter down Science Hill, and eating junk food/playing table tennis in the buttery with her suitemate late at night!


Co-President: Derek Goshay
Derek Goshay is a senior in Morse College who is a prospective neuroscience major. After college, he plans on attending medical school and becoming physician. Derek is a CCE and a CHE, and he is involved in both club wrestling and the Red Cross at Yale. He also conducts neuroscience research in Hal Blumenfeld’s Lab.

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 7.22.42 PM.png

Secretary: Joseph Ribaudo
Joseph Ribaudo is a senior in Pierson College majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. He conducts research in the Chandra lab, where he focuses on neuro-inflammation in the hippocampus and olfactory bulb in a Parkinson’s mice model. Outside of YMPO and research, Joe volunteers at Yale-New Haven Hospital, teaches as part of MedSci, and is a peer tutor. In his spare time, find him on the Yale golf course.


Treasurer: Wasil Ahmed
Wasil Ahmed is a senior in Benjamin Franklin college, a pre-med majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, with a focus on neurobiology. He does research with the Cardin Lab on neuroscience, investigating within the ever expanding field of neuroscience the roles of different GABAergic inhibitory interneurons and their implications in neurodevelopmental disease. Outside of the lab and YPMO, Wasil also does work Yale EMS, as well as volunteers with Yale New Haven Hospital. His free time is spent listening to music and sometimes dancing to it, or simmering in nostalgia while playing some video games.


Physician/Resident Shadowing Coordinator: Sami Elrazky
Sami Elrazky is a junior in Saybrook College. Hailing from Tacoma, Washington, at Yale he is a student researcher also involved in YMPO, YURA, and the Yale Refugee Clinic, and seeks to promote ways to increase representation of FGLI students in scientific research at Yale.

Physician/Resident Shadowing Coordinator: Siraj Patwa


IMG_0492 (2).JPG

Lectures and Education Coordinator: Jacob Wu
Jacob is a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College from Princeton, New Jersey. He is a prospective MCDB and economics major. Outside of YMPO, he sings in acapella with the Baker’s Dozen, works at student-run biotechnology organization Simplex Sciences, and serves as a member of Yale’s Urban Philanthropic Fund. In his free time, you’ll most likely catch him studying languages, debating current events over dinner at Franklin, or hiking somewhere outdoors.

Lectures and Education Coordinator: Thu Hoang



Mentoring and Activities Coordinator: Stanley Lam

Stanley is a senior in Silliman College, majoring in MCDB. He is involved with various pre-med organizations, including YUCH, HAPPY, and YMPO. In his free time, he enjoys playing piano and guitar and spending time with UCW, a church community here at college. Personally, Stanley has had many mentors who have positively impacted my premed journey, so he is looking forward to connecting undergrads with MD/resident mentors as a Mentorship Coordinator.

Mentoring and Activities Coordinator: Stephanie Hu



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