About Us

ysm1The Yale Medical Professions Outreach Yale Medical Professions Outreach (YMPO) is an undergraduate program dedicated to broadening the horizons of all students interested in a medical career. Members enjoy the immense reward of learning more about the medical world directly from caring professionals in the field through first-hand clinical experience by shadowing a physician-mentor in their working environment. All interested students can also learn about a huge variety of medical careers and health-related issues through a handful of events and panel discussions offered every semester. Additionally, we understand the importance of teamwork in medicine and work to foster a community of future doctors and leaders of the medical field through our annual mentoring program that connects our members with dedicated medical students at the Yale School of Medicine.

Mission Statement

Although Yale University and New Haven have vast resources in the medical field, it is difficult for many undergraduates to reach them. The goal of the Yale Medical Professions Outreach (YMPO) is to bridge the gap between interested students and Yale’s medical resources.

Executive Board (2017-2018)

  • Co-Presidents: Irene Pak & Derek Goshay
  • Treasurer: Wasil Ahmed
  • Physician Shadowing Coordinators: Sami Elrazky & Siraj Patwa
  • Mentoring and Internship Coordinators: Stanley Lam & Stephanie Hu
  • Lectures and Education Coordinators:  Jacob Wu & Thu Hoang
  • Secretary: Joseph Ribaudo

Advisor: Kristin McJunkins (Director of Health Professions Advisory Program)


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